LEGO Toys Get Sex Change


LEGOs aren’t just for the boys anymore. The building block company hit refresh on their toy designs and started catering to the girls so they too can stack up during playtime.

Now the company is making the big bucks. The new made-for-girls collection has reportedly increased their revenue by 25 percent, pushing their annual revenue to $4.2 billion because of the toys’ sex change, according to the AP.

But the new line of toys – which includes pink mini-figures, beauty shop and a dream house with a pool – hasn’t been a hit with everyone. Activists have whipped up a petition asking the company to take the girly LEGO sets off the market.

“Narrow stereotypes associated with pink and blue simply box kids in from an early age,” wrote Stephanie Cole, one of the #LiberateLEGO petition’s founders. “But, raising healthy girls and boys is all about creating a wide range of possibilities and options for our children. This is why LEGO’s latest marketing campaign has parents so angry.”

This wouldn’t be the first time LEGO has come under fire for its products. The brand was accused of being racist for putting out a Star Wars’ “Jabba Palace” set that was seen as offensive toward the Middle East and Turkish community.

Photo Credit: Inquisitr