L&HH Recap: The End of Rich Dollaz & Erica, Winter’s Tell-All Book

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Last night on Love & Hip-Hop, Rich Dollaz finally lets go of Erica Mena. After speaking to his business partner Peter Gunz (a.k.a. rapper Cory Gunz’s father) and his mother, Rich decides that he needs a break from the fiery Erica. Peter says that Erica’s craziness is ruining their business while Mama Dollaz puts it succinctly, “This girl is dangerous. You know what you have to do to help her…She doesn’t need a manager, she needs a psychiatrist!” Always count on Mom to tell you exactly how it is. Rich tells Erica that he is unhappy about their relationship (She STILL hasn’t signed a proper contract with him) and he wants out. Never one to back down, the scrappy Erica walks away but tells Rich that no matter what, she isn’t going anywhere. Loyalty or crazy stalker? You decide.

The beef between Yandy, Mendeecees and her creepy cousin is finally resolved. Mendy apologizes for beating up the creeper and though all seems well in the world, something about a cousin taking sexual photos still doesn’t seem quite right…

Elsewhere in domestic bliss, Cons and Jen start interviewing babysitters so that Jen can go back to work. The cute family seems calmed down after the Raqi fallout.

Joe Budden’s harem also begins to make amends. Tahiry and Kaylin sit down and Kay apologizes for running her mouth at Tahiry (which caused her to damn near get beat down). The two women clearly share an unhealthy fixation on Joey. Tahiry advises Kaylin that moving forward, she needs to direct her anger and insecurity at her man and not as his exes.

The episode’s most surprising throwdown happens between two supposed bffs, Lore’l and Winter. Winter invites the girls to a party to celebrate her new tell-all novel Game Over (which from the looks of it, is going to be the poor man’s version of Super Head’s book). Winter treats her guests to a select chapter which ends up being nothing but shade at Lore’l. Winter calls out Lore’l for her past smash buddies and other things, including telling the crowd that Lore’l doesn’t write her own raps. Oh snap! Lore’l is not happy. She pulls Winter aside and demands to know why she was thrown under the bus. A drunk and sloppy Winter essentially says that she was angry at her friend when she wrote the book and that legally speaking, she’s done nothing wrong. So much for bffs…

Lore’l tells Winter she wants to push her down but surprisingly, takes the high road and walks out. She wishes her friend–who by this point is on the floor due to her blood alcohol level–the best but it’s clear that the cat fight is far from over.