L&HH Recap: Tahiry Fights Joe Budden’s Girl, Yandy’s Creepy Cousin

Love & Hip Hop Recap: Tahiry Fights Joe Budden’s Girl, Yandy’s Creepy Cousin Debuts Last night on Love & Hip-Hop, things started with Rich giving his boo/client Erica Mena an ultimatum. Still high off Erica’s supposedly smash single, Rich tells her that she needs to officially sign him on as her manager if she wants to be “J. Lo Jr.” (Yes, he compared her to Jennifer Lopez). “Don’t take it offensive. I’m cautious,” says Erica as Rich tears up. Erica agrees that she’ll officially work with him only if Rich can pony up the dough to shoot her new music video. Rich is strapped for cash, despite his last name being “Dollaz,” and goes to his Kappa frat brother to ask him for money. His frat brother, who works at liquor company Diageo, is shocked that Rich would try to use him as an ATM. “We are the biggest, she is the smallest,” says frat bro. “This one…crickets.” Rich goes back to Erica and lets her know that he was unsuccessful. She calls him “cheap” and storms off. We see Lore’l in the booth rapping. Winter asks Lore’l about her slow-moving rap career and points the blame at Lore’l’s friend/ manager, Power 105.1 radio host Angela Yee, as the main problem for her career not moving forward. Lore’l agrees that Angela has not used her connections to further Lore’l’s career and sits down with her. Angela calmly lets her client know that she needs to do more work before she can expect to get on New York radio. As for Winter, Angela has no idea who she is and why her opinion matters. Ouch. Cast members Jen The Pen and Raqi Thunda are still reeling from their fight from last episode. Jen tells her man Consequence that Raqi claimed he tried to smash, which Cons denies. Cons then starts rapping to Jen, in the car, about his love for her. Uh, ok. Raqi runs up on Cons in the studio to let him know that his girl is trifling. Cons and Raqi were once friends but it’s clear that the friendship is so far gone. The two start yelling at each other and Raqi admits that she lied about Cons trying to holler. “You’re sleeping with the enemy!” says Raqi and Cons responds, “I’m sleeping with my woman!” Cons defends his girl and tells Raqi that she’s using these antics to stay relevant. Raqi walks out and it’s clear that the friendship is donezos. Joe Budden’s girlfriend, Kaylin, finally opens her mouth this episode and tells her man that she doesn’t want him working with Tahiry. Kaylin says that it’s awkward and Tahiry is still in love with Joe. Joe agrees but when he tells his ex that he won’t give her a verse, she flips out. Tahiry demands to know why Joe is abandoning her now and starts yelling at Kaylin. “If you were handling your business, he wouldn’t have to call me all the time,” says Tahiry. Kaylin calls Tahiry old and the two get into a physical fight that producers have to break up. “Ay dog. I make your fucking world go ’round!” yells Tahiry to Joe. The episode’s other physical beat down happens after Mendeecees sees Yandy’s male trainer (aka her creepy “cousin”) posting racy photos of her backside on his Instagram. Mendy is not happy but Yandy assures him that her “cousin” is using it for “marketing,” so it’s all good. What kind of male cousin posts photos of you bending over in a gym? Mendy is right to be mad. He runs up on the trainer and demands that he removes the photos. He refuses, while still working out, and the two start fighting. Producers pull them apart but Mendeecees is heated. He threatens the “cousin” that he’ll see HIM in the streets.

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