LHHNY Recap: Tahiry Debuts “Devil” Track, Raqi and Jen Face-Off

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“Love & Hip-Hop” kicked off last night as Rich Dollaz struggled with what to do with his client (and girlfriend) Erica Mena. Rich asks fellow manager Yandy to meet Erica and see whether he should continue working with her. Erica opens up to Yandy and reveals that she went through an abusive relationship in her past and that’s why she acts a fool any time she steps outside. Erica begs Rich to let her record (wait for it) a ballad and he begrudgingly gives the okay. Rich and Yandy are floored by her singing (which is not completely horrible). A star is born? Tahiry also unveils her plans at becoming a recording artist and tells her girls that her first song “Devil” is inspired by a certain rapper who just so happens to be on the show. Tahiry feels that Joe “owes her” after her years of putting up with him and damn it, she wants a guest verse from him! Joe ends up hearing a rough cut of the song (which is completely horrible) but likes it enough to want to jump on with a guest verse. Tahiry opening up for Slaughterhouse? It could happen… Work aside, Yandy is facing several issues in her personal life. Her baby daddy Mendeecees finds out that Yandy has been secretly plotting to move to New Jersey to live with her. He’s tired of Yandy’s mama always being in their relationship and decides to put his foot down. There’s no consensus on what ends up happening (we predict Mendy will move his tail across the bridge to Jersey), but the two kiss and make up. Yandy surprises her man with a uh, sexy, flick for his birthday. It’s so hilarious that he can’t help but take her back. The episode’s main event is the throwdown between Jen The Pen and Raqi Thunda. The two sit down with Hot 97’s Program Director Ebro Darden to talk about their new radio show idea. Ebro is cool with giving them an audition but warns Raqi specifically to keep it in her pants and stop flirting with all the male guests. Maybe Rashidah’s “Industry Pussy” label wasn’t that far-fetched… During the audition, Raqi proves Rashidah right and is all over guest Vado. It’s pretty gross as she pours it on on the much younger rapper, telling him how “long and thick” she likes it. Gross x one million. Jen finds the whole thing appalling and tries to divert the interview. No sale. Raqi is getting some tonight but to her, “It’s just entertainment,” and that’s what radio personalities apparently do. Following the train wreck of an audition, the two women sit down to discuss what went wrong. Jen expresses her displeasure for the entire thing and says that it felt like “The Raqi Show.” Raqi fires back that the entire show idea was hers to start with so that shouldn’t be a surprise. The two then throw jabs at each other, arguing who is making who hot. “When’s the last time you did radio?” Jen asks Raqi. “I let you ride my coattails!” screams Raqi. Raqi then tells Jen that she has it hard because “she didn’t get knocked up by a wackass rapper” like Jen did. Below the belt! Finally, Jen ends up storming away. Raqi decides to go for the jugular and throws in the fact that Jen’s man, rapper Consequence, apparently tried to holler at her. What the what? Apparently Raqi has pics and texts to prove her point. The two continue fighting about who will be famous first. Jen then drops the bomb, “I’m white. Honey it will get done!” Oh. Expect this fight to be continued next week.