5 Vixens Who Should Create Their Own Documentary


“I always battle with ‘How much do I reveal about myself?'”

Beyoncé’s question was answered on Saturday night as HBO premiered Life is But a Dream, a documentary produced by and starring the pop star herself.  She’s known for baring her soul on the stage, but her personal life is kept tightly under wraps from both fans and critics.

For the first time, we got to witness the ins and outs of King Bey’s chaotic schedule. From planning an epic Billboard Awards performance to suffering a miscarriage to hiding a pregnant belly, her intimate commentary was the soundtrack over the never-before-seen footage. And whether you still yearn for the “real juice” or love her even more, our appetites for an exclusive pass into the life of a superstar is satisfied for now.

Here are a few other Vixens we’d like to see tell their story through a documentary.