Lil Wayne Being Sued Over Alleged Skateboard Attack


Lil Wayne is in trouble again over his new found love for skateboarding.

A Los Angeles promoter is suing the 30-year-old rapper for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to hit him over the head with a skateboard. The incident happened back in May of 2012 but the promoter, Alfredo Marino recently opened up to LA Weekly about what exactly went down at the skatepark that day.

“I was star-struck,” Marino told LA Weekly. “I was like ‘Cool, cool, cool!’…[his bodyguards] started tripping and saying, ‘I told you that Lil Wayne does not want to be bothered.’ I told them I have taken pictures of tons of people and I just want to show my friends that I saw Lil Wayne. They started calling me a ‘groupie’ and I said, ‘I ain’t no groupie.” Marino says Wayne continued to antagonize him by calling him a groupie, before finally ordering the “hit.” Marino was knocked unconscious and treated for a concussion and vertigo at a nearby hospital.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to be a millionaire for getting smacked over the head,” Marino said. “I want him to realize that there are fans out there, tons of fans out there and this is the way he’s going to treat them?…I’m a big Hip Hop fan, and I loved Lil Wayne’s music. Now I hate his music. But I’m kind of like in the zone that everywhere I go I see Lil Wayne. I see him on TV. I hear him every damn day on the radio. I can’t get away from this guy. It disgusts me.”

Last Spring, the rapper’s entourage was accused of a similar incident after reportedly striking a photographer in Miami, Fl. Towards the end of 2012, the “I Am Not a Human Being” lyricist claimed he would be retiring from rap and also opened up a skatepark in his hometown of New Orleans.