Mac Miller Releases 21-Minute Auto-Tune Track, “Turkey Love”


One commenter on Mac Miller’s SoundCloud page described it as “horribly awesome!!!”

Donald Trump’s least favorite rapper Mac-milli-Miller dropped a belated Valentine for his fans — a 21-minute track that has the Pittsburgh native waxing poetic in Auto-Tune about how his lady dresses too slutty and bangs every rapper who comes to town, including him.

“Oh, girl you ain’t no hoe, you just know what you want ,and I got what you need… So give that p—- so I’mma do the right thing, I’mma do the white thing and treat that p—- disrespectfully,” Miller rappers. For some reason we just couldn’t stop listening.

Miller was on a flight so he couldn’t get the “21 minutes of pure love,” as he calls it, out in time. Still, it’s worth a listen … if you have the time.