Meagan Good and Devon Franklin Host ‘Black Love and Relationships’ Panel


Since getting married months agoMeagan Good and Devon Franklin haven’t been shy about sharing the secret to their successful union.

Recently, they were part of Walmart’s “Black Love and Relationships” panel as part of their “History Teaching History” program. Held at the Bank of America Auditorium on Morehouse College’s campus, other panel members included Bishop Paul S. Morton and his wife Pastor Debra Morton, along with TV One’s Love Addiction host Dr. Alduan Tartt who served as moderator. Together, the two couples shared their personal formula for a successful marriage.

Devon also spoke with One Church International recently about his relationship, giving God most of the credit for its success. “I’m following God and I’m not going to worry about what you think it looks like or not because I know what he’s told me to do,” he said. “When God gives you a vision, a lot of people would see the persona of Meagan, but I would see Meagan because God revealed and showed me who she was. So when I see who she really is, and I see her, I see me and I’m like that’s me.”

See more pictures from the panel below.