Michael Jordan’s Top All-Star Game Moments


It’s Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, and coincidentally it’s the NBA All-Star Game today. It’s so hard to full encapsulate just how good Michael Jordan was as a player, but a decent gauge is the fact that he played 15 seasons in the NBA, and was an All-Star in 14 of them. The one season he wasn’t a top choice for the fans? The season he played only 17 games after leaving baseball and unretiring from basketball.

It’s remarkable that from the moment he entered the NBA as a skinny 21-year-old, to the time he retired at a still-effective 40, Jordan was recognized by the fans as the top player in the NBA. Some athletes get appreciated more when they’re gone, some are adored while they play – Jordan is both.

So let’s run through some of Jordan’s top All-Star Game moments: the time he got to shine against the best of the best.