Michelle Obama Image Altered By Iranian News Agency

First lady Michelle Obama lost her right to bare arms after an Iranian news agency altered an image of her at the Academy Awards.

Fars added sleeves to the FLOTUS’ shimmery Naeem Kahn-designed dress to retain a more conservative image for their readers, Yahoo! News reports.

While Americans are used to a leg here or some nips there at award shows and performances, Mrs. Obama’s display of arms and partial chest treaded on the modesty code enforced by Muslim countries.

“We’ve persistently seen Iranian news agencies, whether they’re partially or fully state-run, use fabrication and use other means to distort images,” said Deputy State Department spokesperson Patrick Ventrell, who wouldn’t comment on M.O.’s manipulated photo.

Mrs. Obama wouldn’t be the first digitally altered female figure in Muslim media. An H&M campaign featuring supermodel Gisele Bündchen was altered in Dubai while outfits of singer Mariah Carey have been on the receiving end of touch-ups in Saudi Arabia.

“It’s something that we’ve seen in the past here in this department,” said Ventrell. “We’ve seen photos manipulated. We’ve seen official statements manipulated. So there would be nothing new. It wouldn’t surprise me.” =