Mickelson Misses History: Golfer Gets Close To Mark


Golfer Phil Mickelson missed history at the Phoenix Open Thursday, lipping out his final birdie putt that would have given him an historic 59.

Mickelson misses history, as only five players have ever recorded a 59 in a PGA Tour round. Mickelson missed history by the tiniest margin, as his final putt looked true until the very last second.

“Six feet to go, it was in the center,” Mickelson said. “Three feet to go, it was in the center. A foot to go, it was in the center, and even as it’s approaching the hole, I couldn’t envision which side of the hole it could possibly miss on, and it ended up somehow just dying off at the end, catching the lip. At that speed, to lip out as much as it did is very rare.

Mickelson misses history and the chance to join some rare company. The all-time record on the PGA Tour is a 58, recorded in 2012 by Ryo Ishikawa.