Evelyn Lozada: More Than Skin Deep


VV Evelyn Lozada Beauty IssueSince you’ve been able to put that behind you, are you anxious to date again?
I’m starting to get in that space where I’m open to it. I want to get married and have my twin babies. [Laughs]

You and Chad met on Twitter. Would you ever do that again?
I’m not opposed to it, but I’m definitely doing a background check on you!

Well, what’s your dream guy like?
Somebody that’s loyal, very respectful, God-fearing. I really look up to Meagan Good and her husband, DeVon [Franklin]. I heard him preach, and this man had me in tears. I was like, “Wow, this is a man.”

So, someone designed by God and who knows how to run a household.
Yes, all of that. And good credit. [Laughs]

Well, until that guy comes, you’ve got business to think about! I hear you’re expanding E by Evelyn Cosmetics.
Yeah. We’re going to add new palettes, more lip gloss, nail polish. Right now, there are pigments, eye shadows, brushes and a skin-care line. I really love nail polish and having designs on my nails, so we’re going to add those products on the line as well.

In about five years, where do you want to see your beauty brand in competition to others?
I’m working on my clothing line, so I envision so many things. Kind of like what J. Lo did. She’s done so many great things. If I could take a page out of her book, I’m good.

And when the reality TV wave passes?
I would love to do production, turning my book into TV features and continue to work in fashion. I want my brands to be big. Global status.

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