MTV, BET ‘Hack’ Stunt Backfires In An Apparent Bid For Twitter Followers

The popular networks unsuccessfully tried to ‘Catfish’ their respective followers. We have details on how they failed miserably after the jump.

In an apparent move to gain Twitter followers, the sister networks pretended hackers took over their accounts.

Many assumed that MTV Online was hacked, as it had all the hallmarks of a typical hack job, but despite the appearances, there was no hack. Tuesday’s publicity stunt came after Burger King and Jeep had their Twitter accounts hijacked by hackers who switched their profiles to show information for their respective rivals McDonald’s and Cadillac.

MTV and BET, which are both owned by Viacom, pretended the same kind of hacking was happening to their accounts by switching profile photos and logos. In short, MTV became BET, and vice versa.

Keen Netizens picked up on the ruse within moments, even though the stunt lasted for about an hour. MTV realizing that it had been caught and wanting to save face, tweeted, “We totally Catfish-ed you guys. Thanks for playing! <3 you, @BET. ;)." That was followed by a tweet from BET that said: "#fakehackedswag !!! salute to @MTV for rockin this!" The two networks appeared to have been motivated to pull the stunt after reading that Burger King gained nearly 30,000 Twitter followers while it was taken over by a hacker for about an hour. Our guess is that no one is a #GBE or Chief Keef fan at the online installments of BET and MTV. Although there were some users who enjoyed the ruse, MTV received hefty negative feedback from other users. Props: The Blaze