Muhammad Ali’s Brother Reveals Family Feud


In a report from the UK Sun, Muhammad Ali is in a fight for his life, according to his brother, Rahman Ali. We have the details for you after the break.

“I know him better than anyone, I can sense he’s unhappy. I can see it in his eyes.”

Muhammad Ali’s brother says the ailing boxing icon is on the verge of death — and his final days are being marred by a bitter family feud fueled by his wife. The universal icon was last seen by his close relative last July at the Sports For Peace Gala to pay tribute to his incredible career and dedication to the Civil Rights movement. He even spoke on behalf of his beloved brother at the star-studded event at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

According to an in-depth piece by the UK Sun, Rahman is in a rather talkative mood.

“He told me before he got really bad that he’s in no pain,” the 69-year-old younger brother tells the Sun. “He grabbed my arm and whispered, ‘Rah, I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever wanted to accomplish. Don’t cry for me, I’m in no pain.'” The former heavyweight champion, 71, is gripped by Parkinson’s and Rahman Ali fears he is in terminal decline. But he doesn’t blame the debilitating disease as the most devastating factor in Ali’s heartbreaking demise—he blames Ali’s wife.

Speaking from his “dingy two-bed flat” in Louisville, Rahman said, “We’ve all been pushed out. The only time I get to see him is at public events. She [Lonnie] and her family are draining him. It’s so sad. There’s nothing I can do, they’ve blocked us all off.”

Ali’s appearance at last year’s Olympic opening ceremony in London alongside wife Lonnie touched hundreds of millions around the world. Let’s hope that any drama from this gets TKO’d.

Props: The Root