Myth Busting: Do Celebs Really Pay For Twitter Followers?

Are bloated social media follower numbers the result of juicing? VIBE chats with Al Delgado, of about the trend of paying for fandom

VIBE: Approximately how many celebrities have you helped boost followers?

Al Delgado: We have a very good celebrity client base. You would not believe it if I told you. Unfortunately, the identities of our clients must remain confidential. As far as an actual number, I would say approximately 50 or more celebrity clients use our services.

Why are celebs so desperate for followers?

By no means do I feel that celebrities are “desperate” for followers. Many already have over one million real followers and adding more basically boosts their social presence, resulting in more shows, album sales and real fans. Technology has changed the game immensely. Having a strong social presence is vital in being successful in today’s age.

How do you feel about sites like that expose buyers?

It’s not only unnecessary, but very inaccurate. I’ve done searches on my own personal account, as well as many other accounts, and the results vary every time. One time, it told me that I had 3 percent fake followers, then I searched again after 10 minutes and all of a sudden I had a whopping 36 percent. Not very impressive if you ask me.

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What motivated you to start the site?

One day, I was browsing the web, checking my Twitter, and I got followed by some guy. I click on his profile and he had over one million followers. I check his bio and see that he does the whole Social Media Marketing thing, so I click on the link. I began as a reseller of his, with only 30 bucks invested. That was the best 30 bucks I ever spent. Shortly after, I realized I was being overcharged and sought out to find my own team of IT experts that could produce high quality results. I ended up forming a very strong team and here we are now as one of the most successful social media marketing companies in the world.

What kinds of celebrities come to you most often?

My number one client base consists of musicians. However, after the New York Times article, we began to see a different crowd of clients, ranging from actors and actresses, models, photographers, even porn stars. Let’s not forget that we do not only deal with Twitter followers, but also Youtube views, Instagram followers and Likes, Facebook fanpage Likes, search engine optimization and much more. We want to be the Walmart of the social marketing business. Put it like this, when a record label is scouting a new artist, the first thing they’re going to look at is numbers. They want to assure that you’re a good investment. They’re going to check your followers, views, Likes, etcetera. It’s pretty difficult to advance in the music industry — or any other industry — when even the celebrities are using these services, and have been for years.

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