Nas Is Going To Win His First Grammy Award This Weekend, According To Production Duo Da Internz


Great news, hip-hop fans: Nas is going to win his first Grammy Award at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday!

Um, okay. So, we can’t guarantee that he’s actually going to take home the first Grammy of his illustrious career. We can’t see the future. But, the production duo Da Internz—who worked with Nas on his 2012 album, Life Is Good, when they helped produce “The Don”—thinks Nas is finally going to take home a Grammy this year. During a recent interview with MTV, the production partners revealed that they believe Nas has the “Best Rap Album” Grammy in the bag this year.

“If we’re talking about real albums as far as the category and people that are in it, we got this,” Ernest “Tuo” Clark, one-half of Da Internz, said. “Nas got it…Man, that’s a huge accomplishment for us to be attached to greatness.”

Clark’s sidekick Marcos “Kosine” Palacios agrees with him and is glad that Da Internz are going to be a part of history, if Nas does, in fact, win the “Best Rap Album” Grammy.

“If we can be a part of history on top of that history,” he said, “that’s like a super honor to just be a part of that.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Nas can bring home his first Grammy at the 55th Grammy Awards. Make sure you tune into the Grammy show when it airs live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night to find out.