New Mixtape: Sky Lexington of Raider Klan “Wet EP”

These Raider Klan dudes just don’t stop and crew member, Sky Lexington’s new project titled Wet EP proves just that. While they are clicking up to do some major showcases later this year at mega festivals, they continue to release music on a steady pace. Under the banner squad that’s lead by rapper/producer SpaceGhost Purp, Sky Lex and his homies (Ethelwulf, Eddy Baker, Chris Travis) are well on their way to recognition as the next ones up for that groupie love. Sky in particular has serious issue with hoes and their wayward intentions though. With super slow, digitally infused, bass heavy tunes, matched with sex themed lyrics, Sky sticks to the “Wet” idea of his latest set of songs. The Michigan native MC doesn’t do crazy flows or fancy word play, just straight forward convo for those that understand his story. It’s a departure from the sounds that you are used too, but a melodic trip down his own dark twisted fantasy. Check his previous work here at Datpiff. Sky Lexington – “Wet EP”

Sky Lexington – “Menace”