New Music: Brittany Smooch “(Booty) Bounce” + The Gal Behind the Booty

From One Direction to Taylor Swift, today’s music has become a tween scene. Enter rising hip-hoppah and singer Brittany Smooch, who was signed to Lady T records at the age of 16. Smooch has since stamped her unique vocal stylings towards various music genres, including hip-hop, techno and dubstep.

Now she has a new EP dropping March 5, and VIBE’s got the track “(Booty) Bounce”, along with a sit-down with the rising princess of rhymes herself. Read below to check out the hot de-tats on Brittany’s favorite NYC hotspots, her dream date, and how she likes to show off her booty!

VIBE: Describe your sound in a sentence or two.
Brittany Smooch: I like to create a combination of hip-hop, pop, rap, techno and now, dubstep. I think that music is constantly changing and people are becoming more and more interested in different genres – so I want to hit them all.

What propelled you to start a career in the music industry?
I have always loved music. I’ve been singing and performing since I was 4 and wrote my first “song” at 7. When I turned 14, I got LogicPro and started experimenting with making beats and putting words to sound. That’s really where it all began – through LogicPro. By 16, I had my first record deal.

If you could collaborate with any hip-hop artist today, who would it be? What about a DJ?
Without a doubt, it would be T.I. And a dream of mine is actually to make a record with Afrojack. I love his work; think he is a very talented DJ and innovator in the space.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from hip-hop writer Earl Hayes?
The best advice I’ve ever received from Hayes was to always trust and believe in myself. He told me that there are going to be a lot of people who don’t necessarily want me to succeed, or don’t 100 percent support me…and not to ever let anything negative get to me too deeply.

Senior prom – who is your ideal date? Ideal dress?
My ideal prom date would be an NBA player…of course one close to my age! I don’t like older guys. My ideal dress would have to be long, red and form-fitting. I like my booty!

How do you balance your time between being a teenage girl and working your way up in the music industry?
It is difficult balancing being a teenager and professional musician. I am extremely focused on my career and with that have lost some normalcy that goes with “teenage life.” It’s a sacrifice, though, that you have to make to succeed in anything in life – not just music. Sometimes I feel lonely or overwhelmed, or like I’m missing out, but then I have people surrounding me who remind me that music is my passion, my focus and that there will be so much time to experience other things in my life.

Being a native New Yorker, where’s the best place to grab a quick bite?…shop?…chill?…dance?
Growing up in NYC there are so many choices for restaurants, it’s overwhelming! I am a huge fan of Mexican food – so Rosa Mexicano is my go-to for guacamole (best ever!). As far as shopping, I absolutely love Patricia Field. Her clothes are crazy fun, and I can always find something great from her to perform in. When I want to “chill”? Let’s say I just want to be HOME! My favorite place to dance is in the studio with my choreographer, Jessica. She’s the best and we always break a sweat and have a ton of fun.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?
My EP will drop March 5 and I will be in the studio as much as possible making new music. I am also going on my second high school tour, which begins in San Diego and continues all throughout California. I am looking forward to the summer and performing at festivals and events. I just hope to make a solid push in the industry and gain new fans and keep existing ones close. Last but not least, I want to be a great daughter – and person – overall.