New Music: Ghost Beach “Close Enough” + Meet the Pop Techies

Pop pioneers/tech wizards Ghost Beach are moonwalking their way into the mainstream spotlight with a fusion of retro 80’s-inspired melodies mixed with innovative experimental sounds. Comprised of New Yorkers Josh Ocean (Vocals, Bass, Synths) and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn (Guitars, Synths, MPC), together they strive to reach a new level of dance music as seen in their latest single “Close Enough,” featuring the vocals of fellow New Yorker Noosa.

VIBE’s got the exclusive first look at the new track, as well as an in-depth look at the men behind the band. Read on to learn their thoughts on Daft Punk’s new album and where you can find them this summer.

VIBE: You have a lot of ’80s pop/techno influences in your work. What is the significance of that decade to the band and its sound?

Ghost Beach: We just love the inventiveness of ’80s pop music. To us, classic ’80s pop songs pushed a lot of limits and incorporated new technologies to create pop music that was complex, yet maintained mass appeal. That fascinates us.

What is your favorite ’80s…
…movie: “Indiana Jones”
…fashion trend: Parachute Pants
…crush: Demi Moore
…song track: We can’t pick one but lets say “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel.
…memory: Crawling on the kitchen floor as a baby listening to “Dancing in the Dark”.

Being big fans of 80’s dance music, what are your thoughts on Daft Punk’s recent signing to Columbia records?
They are kings of electronica and we can’t wait to hear what they do.

Tell us about your new track “Close Enough.” What should fans get out of this track?
Fans should know that this track is a bit different. We took a slightly different approach on recording this one, compared to our other songs. We wanted to capture the feel of us performing on Ableton, like we do live. We also played and programmed a lot using my iPad.

Will it be foreshadowing what’s to come out of your new album?
This track is its own animal. We like to change and experiment. This was certainly an experiment.

What determined your decision to work with Noosa to perform the vocals and collaborate on the track?
She’s our friend and she has such an incredible voice. She made the track complete

Who would you ideally like to collaborate with on your next project?
Major Lazer, ha!

What are your plans for the upcoming spring/summer months?
We are playing SXSW and going to be releasing a few more new singles and a live video. Other than that we don’t know…just keep doing what we do.