New Pew Study Says Blacks Over-Index on Twitter

With the ever-expanding need for traffic, there are an equally expanding set of choices for social-networking. A new Pew Research Center study suggests that Black and Brown web-heads are not baller enough for Pinterest.

According to the research center’s “Internet & American Life Project,” the study expands on one taking on Twitter in 2012. This one queried over 1800 people on their cell phones and landlines over the course of a month late last year.

The key takeaways are found below:

Black users over-index on Twitter

Twenty-six percent of Black internet users surveyed said they used Twitter, compared to 14% of White users and 19% of Hispanics. Back in 2010, Pew reported that 13% of Black internet users, 5% of White users and 18% of Hispanics were using Twitter.

Blacks and Latinos also over-index on Instagram

Twenty-three and 18% of Black Latino internet users stay flexing on Instagram, compared to 11% Whites.

Pinterest in the Whitest social platform

Eighteen percent of White internet users are on Pinterest, compared to 8% Blacks and 10% of Hispanics.

Everyone knows that Facebooki s still used by everyone everywhere, but how does news that #BlackTwitter is a real force bode with you? Share your thoughts below.

Props: Ad Age