New Videos: Alicia Keys, Dead Prez, Dizzy Wright, And More


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Alicia Keys – “Girl On Fire (Japanese Version)”

Whether she’s on her Japanese lotus flower steez or reading children’s stories, Alicia will forever be just as hot as the “girl on fire” she’s describing.

2. Dead Prez – “No Way As The Way”

The literature alone displayed in this video is enough to give it the proper dues. That African Religions & Philosophy is the truth, for real.

3. Dizzy Wright – “Verbalizing”

Shoutout to the dope sets used. It gives everything a bit of a cinematic vibe.

4. Chance The Rapper – “Juice”

While he definitely looks like your typical drunk homeless person in Times Square, the nod to one of NYC’s most noticeable areas gets our respect.

5. Malkovich – “LIES”

Look deeper into this video in order really get the message.