Papoose Drops ‘Nacirema Dream’ Tracklist + Liner Notes


A decade in the making, Papoose will drop his debut, The Nacirema Dream, on March 26. It features contributions from Mobb Deep, Erykah Badu, DJ Premier, and his incarcerated wife Remy Ma.

“I’ve been working on this album my entire life,” writes Papoose in the liner notes. “… I know all of you have been waiting for a long time, but due to circumstances beyond my control the album was delayed as the world waited and became impatient.”

“Nacerima” is “American” spelled backwards. The term was made popular by anthropologists, especially after the publishing of Horace Miner’s 1956 paper “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” that paints modern-day Americans like a freakish North American tribe. But, for Papoose, Nacerima has a different meaning.

“One of the reasons why I chose this title, is because people from all corners of the world risk their lives to come to this country in search of the AMERICAN DREAM,” the Brooklyn rapper goes on. “People go to work for from 9 to 5 in search of the AMERICAN DREAM. People commit crimes, risk they freedom, some even loose their lives in search of the AMERICAN DREAM, which brings me to the conclusion that no matter what race, color or creed you are, this is something that all of humanity has in common and through this title I can communicate with the world!”

The Nacirema Dream tracklist:
2. Motion Picture
3. Mother Ghetto
4. Aim Shoot (Feat. Mobb Deep)
5. Skit
6. Cure (Feat. Erykah Badu)
7. naciremA Dream
8. Pimpin Won’t Die
9. 6am (Feat. Jim Jones & Jadakiss)
10. Skit
11. Law Library part 8
12. Whats’s My Name (Feat. Remy Ma)
13. On Top Of My Game (Feat. Mavado)
14. Faith
15. Turn It Up (Feat. DJ Premier)
16. Die like A G
17. Get At Me (Feat. Ron Browz)
18. Where I Come from (Feat. Dada stone, Odog, Manson, Kino & C-Brown of Thugacation)
19. R.I.P
20. Alphabetical Slaughter Part II / Z to A