Pardon the Introduction: Kyau & Albert

German duo Ralph Kyau and Steven Albert are no strangers to producing finely tuned vocal trance music. For a decade the duo has brought their unique sonic style to airwaves, clubs and festivals across Europe. Now Kyau & Albert are summoning up fresh buzz Stateside and beyond with a 30-country tour promoting their album Nights Awake, a trademark collection that combines the danceable beats of progressive house and trance with the visceral emotions that come from powerhouse vocals.

VIBE: Describe your music in a sentence to someone who may have never heard it before.
Ralph Kyau: It’s catchy electronic music with influences of trance and progressive house.
Steven Albert: Also we are like a band, cause I am doing all the male vocals on our tracks.

What made you want to produce an album dealing with such an intense subject as dreams and spirituality?
SA: It comes from the inside and was not made by a plan, but also we prefer more the intense emotional way of making music (you may call it spiritually) than that comeonletsmakepartyanddrinkandletsgetsomechicks – style.

What was the most intense dream you’ve ever had?
RK: It’s that dream which almost every DJ possibly has – one track on the decks comes is running out and the next one is not ready. STRESSSSSSS!

Other than becoming successful musicians, what other aspirations did you both have growing up?
SA: We both studied computer science. To be honest making music is much more satisfying.

You’ve collaborated with some highly talented artists on the album. What did you learn from each of them…
…Stoneface & Terminal - we like the driving sound of label mates from our label Euphonic.
…Ronski Speed - also a label mate for a very long time. We liked the outstanding original melody of that track. Like his name he always tries to do things fast.
…Adaja Black - met her on our Australia tour in 2012 where she gave us a demo CD. Adaja has a great and different way of writing lyrics.
…Paul van Dyk - a legend and the first big DJ who supported us in the beginning of our career. He knows exactly what he wants when making music.

Who would you want to collaborate with on your next album.
RK: Steve Brian.

Who is your dream rapper to spit on a track? Why?
SA: Think big – Eminem, but honestly rap vocals might sound a bit cheesy on our style of music.
RK: Never really thought about adding a rapper to a Kyau & Albert track. Possibly this could be like old-school ’90s Euro dance.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2013? Any big festivals or tours?
RK: Just started our Nights Awake album world tour, which brings us to over 30 countries. And yeah, a few festivals too. Scoop Music Here.