Paul Oakenfold Dishes Details on New Album, ‘Pop Killer’

Paul Oakenfold is one of the godfathers of the EDM movement. The trance/house DJ invited VIBE into his ridiculously awesome pad above the Hollywood Bowl in sunny Los Angeles to discuss his in-the-works third album, currently titled Pop Killer.

Oakenfold first sunk his teeth into the music business as an A&R rep in his native England, and helped propel the careers of some hip-hop acts overseas back in the day, namely Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J. His knack for seeking out new music has helped him collaborate with some of the best talent, before anyone else. “Catching them on the curve,” he calls it. With Pop Killer, it’s no different as Oakenfold is working with talent like Miguel, Lloyd and some others we can’t share with you yet. Oakenfold took a few minutes from his home studio to dish what’s in store to VIBE.