Pheed Is The No. 1 Social App Among Teens


There’s no doubt that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr are dominating the online social media scene, but they’re getting some fresh competition.

Four months ago, a little known app called Pheed launched. The free multimedia social platform has become the top app on Apple’s Chart of Top Free Apps. Over a million users have migrated towards the growing popular app, making it one of the top social apps in over 30 countries.

Pheed’s recent success is driven by teens who have promoted the website to their large online followers on Instagram and Twitter. The company’s CEO OD Kobo told Forbes magazine “While our competitors raise tens of millions, we’re just this small team of people, and Pheed is being accepted by the community. All I can say is we are happy that people are being so accepting. It means a great deal!”

What seemed to be just another one of those apps that’s hot for the moment is now starting to look like the future of the social sphere.