President Obama To Deliver Commencement Speech at Morehouse College

Atlanta just can’t seem to get enough of President Obama! The Commander-in-Chief is set to come back to address the mighty men at Morehouse College. Details after the break!

In a confirmation notice from the White House to POLITICO, President Obama is slated to return to ATL in May to deliver the commencement address at the prestigious HBCU. For those who don’t know, Morehouse is “one of the nation’s leading historical Black colleges and universities (and) is among the best and brightest institutions of higher education in the country,” the White House said in a statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Commencement is scheduled for May 19.

Alumni of the all-male liberal arts college include filmmaker Spike Lee, the first African-American mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, and the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. While this won’t be his first commencement speech at an HBCU —this will be viewed by many looking to see what he has to say to his fellow Black constituents.

The college’s president, John Silvanus Wilson, Jr., informed students of the speech on Saturday night. Wilson is just three weeks into his term as president of the college and previously worked as executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and University. It is refreshing to hear Michelle and Barack are giving back after winning their second term in office.

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