Skincare Tips From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week came and went as quick as the snow on the ground. We had backstage access to some of the hottest runways, including Betsey Johnson, Laquan Smith and Tracy Reese. While makeup, hair and nails completed the look, skincare products layed the foundation. Those working the Lela Rose show were lucky enough to have Arcona Los Angeles there to help. Arcona representative Allison Marks was nice enough to stop in the midst of fashion chaos to share a few tips on corrective skincare.

Vibe Vixen: What is one type of skin product every girl should have?
Allison Marks:I think every girl should have a really good cleanser because you want to get all the dirt, oil, make-up and debris off. Also, sunscreen is the number one anti-ager. Even when it’s pouring rain outside, 80% of the sun rays still come through. Cleanse the skin, hydrate the skin and protect the skin.

VV: What’s the number one mistake girls make when it comes to their skin?
AM: Using products that are incorrect for their skin. Often times, you see someone who will go to a department store counter and say “Oh, my skin feels dry” when what they really need is water versus oil. So sometimes, that’s why skincare products will make you breakout because you’re bringing oil into the skin instead of water. I think it’s important that you go to a skincare professional that really knows skin and can treat the conditions that you have. One of the best things you can do in the winter is exfoliate your skin. Often times, it feels very dry and what we’re doing is putting moisturizer on and you’re literally sticking down dry, dead skin cells and a hydrator can’t penetrate through it. It’s really important to polish off that layer of dead skin.

VV: Now that we’ve talked about dry skin, what can we do about oily skin?
AM: You definitely want to hydrate oily skin. It’s so important because if you don’t, your skin will clog and produce more oil. It’s about finding the right product. If you’re oily, use the oil-free products.

VV: What are some foods and drinks Vixens can use to combat bad skin?
AM: Drinking water is always important. You can actually feed the skin cells more readily if you eat foods with water like watermelon, cucumbers, oranges- they’re filled with water. Caffeine is really dehydrating. Avoid coffee or any kind of alcohol—if you can avoid those things or have them in moderation—that’s one of the best things you can do. That’s also where these topical, antioxidant type of products come into play.  So if you’re not eating perfectly or you’re busy, you can support your skin, almost like a multivitamin.

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