Ridin’ Clean: The Mercedes Benz 2013 E550 Coupe


There’s nothing like pulling up to the venue of your choice riding clean. Not just in a spotless whip, but in the right kind of spotless whip. If you get the chance to do so in the 2013 Mercedes Benz E550, jump at it.

Rolling around in the classy chariot that is the slick E series is nothing short of feeling like a super star. Especially when Hollywood during Grammy weekend is the locale.

The 402-horsepowered engine provides you with the ease of slicing through LA’s infamously stagnant traffic when that extra kick is needed to catch that opening lane on the highway. You won’t even notice how the 7-speed auto transmission (with shift paddles) and a tap of the gas pedal will boost you past other vehicles in no time flat.

While lane switching is ballerific, the blind side warning indicators on the side mirrors really help when it comes to moving left to right swiftly. A slight low-level beep keeps your lane focus, focused.

When riding around styling like crazy, you have to have the right sounds pumping through the speakers to get your swag right. The entertainment console is tricky to work at first, but after a few minutes of familiarity with some touch screen and knob turning, you’ll ace the system quickly.

Seating is super comfortable for a coupe. Once in the driver’s seat the safety belt extends an offer over your left shoulder. When you click it, it’ll briefly squeeze across your chest a bit too tightly but then relaxes, so be prepared. Another eyebrow raiser is something trivial; the hanger holder is super small. The average non-wire hanger can’t stay on the miniature clip. If you’re driving this lux vehicle then you are sure to have a need for your sports coat or tux jacket to arrive with you wrinkle free. Minor issue considering you are stylish once you hop out the whip.

Otherwise, the base version of the E550 ($57,000) and the fully loaded version ($70,000) is the picture of perfect swerving style. Quick, responsive, smooth, easy on gas (as the listed 21 MPG seems to cut it short, we got more out of it) and whip smart. Be sure to test drive it, but bring your down payment stash just incase, cus you’ll love it.