‘Rihanna’ of ‘Law and Order: SVU’ Speaks Out


"Law And Order: SVU" Funny Valentine Actress Speaks Out

Last night’s (Feb. 28) “Funny Valentine” episode of Law & Order: SVU drew many (too many) similarities to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s first try at romance, from both characters’ music careers to the horrific picture of the actress’ battered face.

Actress Tiffany Robinson, who played Rihanna-inspired character Micha Green, told MTV that the popular show sought to bring awareness to domestic abuse rather than the obvious depiction Chrianna.

“You just felt so much responsibility to deliver this story with respect and also bringing light to the issue [and] the bigger picture,” she said. “That is domestic violence.”

She added, “Of course, the story, the relationship is similar. But the character herself, it was more or less, this is her first big break, her first big single. And it was spun on from her relationship with this other celebrity, which is a lot different from the situation, I believe [with] Rihanna and Chris.”

Overall, Robinson hopes viewers walk away from the episode “with a clearer understanding about how serious domestic abuse is” rather than drawing the parallels between reality and television.