Rihanna’s Biggest Moments At The 2013 Grammy Awards


Although she didn’t wear a super scandalous dress to the 2013 Grammy Awards like we thought she would—she opted for a tasteful bright-red dress instead—Rihanna still had her fair share of big moments at the 55th Grammy Awards. She sang her hit single, “Stay,” with Mikky Ekko during a very understated but powerful live performance. She hit the stage to honor Bob Marley alongside Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley, Bruno Mars, and Sting. And, of course, she made plenty of waves by sitting with Chris Brown during most of the awards ceremony, fueling further speculation about the couple.

Specifically, she had many fans and publications wondering about whether her and Brown are—gasp!—engaged thanks to the large, rectangular ring that she wore on her left ring finger. The Daily Mail even wrote the caption, “Rihanna snuggles Chris Brown and flaunts ‘engagement ring’ at the Grammys.” But, are Breezy and Rih-Rih really engaged? Um, we doubt it. But, click through the slides here to see the “engagement ring” in question (maybe it’s some sort of promise ring, as some have suggested?) as well as some other shots of Rihanna at the Grammy Awards. Do you like the looks Rihanna rocked during the show last night?