RUMOR: Will Yoda Be The Focus Of New ‘Star Wars’ Film?

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This must be an epic week for intergalactic movie rumors. Yesterday, we told you that Marvel Studios may be making a Planet Hulk movie. Now, today we have a rumor involving one of the greatest Jedi’s to ever use The Force and a potential solo Star Wars film.

To clarify, this rumor isn’t involving Star Wars VII, which Disney currently plans to release in 2015. This rumor involves a Star Wars spin-off film that has yet to even be confirmed by the House of Mouse. Ain’t It Cool News reportedly says that the first stand alone film would center upon Yoda and Yoda alone.

At this stage of the game specifics are sparse, but according to AICN, Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a Star Wars slate. Our wonder is if Yoda will be featured as the one cinephiles came to know and love in the original trilogy, or the prequels, or will it take place at some other point in his life?

In the AICN piece, writer Harry Knowles even goes on to tease the idea of a Jabba the Hut “rise to power” story that George Lucas has talked about to some of his friends.

Realistically, we will have to wait a few years for this Star Wars slate to unfold to the public. But we will keep you posted with any new developments that arise.

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