Songbird Meital Dohan: New Superhero of Electro-Pop

If you have yet to hear the name “Meital Dohan”, let the above video serve as a wild introduction to this eccentric Israeli songstress. In just five months, her track “On Ya,” featuring Sean Kingston has garnered a nearly 5 million views. Still non-plussed? Dohan was also in the hit Showtime series, “Weeds” – talk about street cred! Multi-talented and multi-faceted, she has a penchant for pushing boundaries, so keep an eye and an ear out for Meital Dohan because you never know what outrageous thing she might do next.

Vibe: Describe your music in a one sentence:
Meital Dohan: My music is electro pop music including different genres in the electro world from trance, lounge, trap, and dubstep…My music is chill, dance inducing pop that will have you going crazy, laughing, and thinking about life.

After collaborating with Sean Kingston on “On Ya,” what other hip-hop/R&B artists would you want to work with? How about other DJs?
I aspire to collaborate with artists that take chances and really push the limits of what is possible by creating something original and provocative. I would love to collaborate with Kanye, Eminem, Akon, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Guetta. Bob Marley, too, if he were alive. He influenced so many people and so much good in society came from his music.

The video for “On Ya” is racking up millions of views! Who came up with the concept?
It was a combination between my mind and Ray Kay’s mind. Together, we built the story and the concept. I did all my own stunts in the video which was just so much fun. In another life, I think I was a stunt-woman, an acrobat or superhero.

And you gave quite the performance in that video – do have any plans to further your acting career?
It’s funny because as soon as I started doing music, everyone was like, WOAH, do you still act? I think I was born to express myself through multiple mediums and art forms, so I’m definitely a schizoid-artist type. I’m doing it all. Right now, I’m doing music, but I’m also working on a big TV pilot and have several films in development. I find that my music informs my work as an actress, and vice versa.

Does growing up in Israel ever influence your music and craft?
Absolutely. Israel is my homeland. And no matter how far away from your home you are, your home runs through your veins. You can’t get it out of you. There are parts of Israel that feel very holistic and spiritual to me. They are quiet, peaceful and full of mysticism. I go there to just be alone and still with my thoughts. To find complete focus. I definitely try to channel this inner peace and concentration into my creative process as a musician and artist.

Favorite Israeli DJs?
Offer Nissim, Weekend Heroes, The Flash Brothers and Infected Mushroom.

Got any big Valentine’s Day plans?
I’m spending my holiday with my true love, Charlie, my pet tiger. You can see here how we love each other.

Being a woman in the entertainment industry, do you ever find there to be a double standard when it comes to the attention paid?
Women have to work twice as hard to get the same respect and attention as men. It used to be considered anti-feminist for women to use their sexuality to get ahead, but now we’re living in a post-feminist moment when everyone is objectified. Men and women. There’s been a bit of a role reversal. Women have to take on the part of men, to assume the power they need in the workforce. Men have been emasculated so they no longer act like men.

Any big plans for the summer festival season?
I’m definitely going to be doing a lot of recording and touring in the US and Europe. Check out for dates. February looks like Chicago and LA, March will have France, Israel, Germany, then coming back for Winter Music Conference and the White Party.