Sony Unveils PS4 But Shows No Console!

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There were a lot of highlights from last night’s PlayStation 4 unveiling. With independent and gaming press all invested in what Sony had up their sleeves, anticipation ran throughout the day with gamers sharing their favorite #PlayStationMemories from the company’s storied past. Jam packed at the Manhattan Center, Sony showed off what the PlayStation 4 can do, but not what it will look like.

Fret not gamers, the PS4 is finally here.

If you couldn’t get past the shaky feed, we have 10 highlights that you should check out so you know what’s what with the PS4.

1. PS4 has 8GB of RAM —

Last night, Mike Cerny, lead system architect on PlayStation 4 revealed that the console has a whopping 8GB of RAM! That is major when you take a look at the console’s history of strict processing speed. Now gamers can complete background functions and downloads without interrupting gameplay. An added feature is that you can enter the PS4 into a sleep state – where the power is completely off – and thanks to the RAM, you can restart at the exact point you turned it off next time you play.

2. PlayStation 4 Boasts 149 Third-Party Developers —

The success of the PlayStation 4 is up to the brilliant minds behind the games, engines and accessories. Sony showed a video of third-party developers exclaiming their excitement about working with the gaming juggernaut. Interestingly enough, Sony also showed a splash page with 149 in total third-party companies listed. To see who is on the list, click here!

3. PlayStation 4 Controller Looks Amazing —

Redesigned for the sophisticate gamer, the Bluetooth 2.1+EDR-equipped Dualshock 4 controller still holds true to the original days of PlayStation. But on this go around, the PS4 controller comes with more new features than ever before. Boasting a new three color LED light bar, the removal of the start and select buttons, the placement of a share button (more on that later), and a harder rumble—the PS4 controller is an improvement on a dated model.

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