Soulja Boy Hops on Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” & Drops New Mixtape Tracks

Soulja Boy jumps on Drake’s “Started From the Bottom,” like Wiz Khalifa before him.

“You all ain’t gettin’ money, you all ain’t gettin’ stacks/ F%$# a $100K, where a million’s at,” Soulja Boy raps, a spin off of Drizzy’s $500K per show diem on the original tune.

With his U$A DRE mixtape slated for release this March, Soulja Boy also coughed up some originals to his SoundCloud page. Check out the tape’s new tracks like “Impress Me,” “Real Things,” “Aint Stackin” and more below.

“Aint Stackin”


“Real Things”

“Impress Me”