Soulja Boy Wins 200K From Super Bowl Bet?


Soulja Boy cashed out on an intuitive Super Bowl bet last night. The 22-year-old won $200K after betting that the Baltimore Ravens would take it all. His reason for the bet? A video game. TMZ caught up with the rapper in L.A. last night while hanging out with singer Sean Kingston after the game.

“I been living in L.A. for a couple of years, so of course I wanted to see [the 49ers] win,” Soulja said. “But I play with the Ravens on the game NFL Madden ’13. That’s my team I play with so I bet $200K. And I knew Ray Lewis wasn’t gonna lose; it’s his last year playing, he’s not gonna lose the Super Bowl.”

Sean Kingston was not as adamant as Soulja Boy. He explained that he was torn between rooting for his hometown team and a friend.

“I’m a Niners fan — well, I’m not a Niners fan — but I’m living in California, I’m living in L.A., so it’s only right that I gotta hold down the Niners,” he told TMZ. “But, I have a great friend that plays for the Baltimore Ravens, Bryant McKinney, so it was crazy.”

As for what Soulja Boy plans to do with his winnings, it’s no surprise that he wants to ball out.

“I might go buy a car tomorrow,” he said.

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