Steve Tyler Teams With Britney Spears To Fight Hawaii Paparazzi


Aerosmith frontman & former American Idol judge Steven Tyler is ready to take action against the swarm of paparazzi invading Hawaii, and he’s got a few celebrity friends to back him up.

Tyler, along with Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and The Osbournes, have come out in support of a proposed bill by Hawaii legislators that aims to eliminate the harassing paparazzi behavior on the peaceful island, as E! Online reports.

More details below:

“The proposed legislation aims to impose stricter penalties on paparazzi who harass celebs on the island. Among other provisions, it would enable stars to seek damages from photographers who intrude upon their privacy.

The bill also expands its definition of privacy invasion to encompass not only physical trespassing but also the use of zoom lenses and sophisticated sound equipment to snag images or audio of celebs during their personal downtime.”

We’ve got to agree with the bill. Hawaii is too peaceful of a getaway to have it ruined by the budding “razzi Nazi.” What do you guys think? —Keenan Higgans