Strippers Unemployment? No Way!


Who knew stripping had such great benefits? As in, stripper unemployment? The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that out-of-work strippers can reap unemployment benefits, presumably in the form of a check and not a wad of singles.

The ruling comes from a 2005 lawsuit, wherein a Topeka stripper filed an unemployment claim after losing her job. She claimed she was owed benefits, while the club claimed they were merely renting her a space to, uh, do her thing.

Her case was supported by the Kansas Department of Labor, which claimed that the rules that govern strip clubs make strippers employees, rather than independent contractors.

“The court relied almost entirely on the fact that we had some house rules which were requested by the dancers. They were designed to keep everything legal,” said an attorney for the dancer. “And the court relied on that fact alone to say we had control over them and that made them employees.”

Now it’s not only Bandz that make her dance – stripper unemployment should give these dancers a reason to dance too!