T Magazine Pledges to Include More People of Color

magazine is many things, but according to several readers it’s not as colorful as it should be. Public editor Margaret Sullivan received a slew of letters with readers disgusted in its lack of people of color. Although the magazine put Halle Berry on its cover last year, readers are saying its not enough.

One letter stated, “I assume the ads cannot be controlled, but I saw only one African-American and one Asian-American among the thousands of models in the ads. The T doesn’t look like my neighborhood or America.”

Deborah Needleman, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief agreed with the comments and has plans to add more diversity to its pages. “It was something I noticed and regretted as we were putting the issue together,” she says. “We are a global magazine and so would like the content, subjects and geography of stories to reflect that. In coming issues, we cover the people and places of Seoul, São Paulo, Kenya, Bollywood actors, Nigeria, etc. A majority of fashion models are still unfortunately mostly white, but it is our aim to celebrate quality and beauty in all its diverse forms.”

She continued, “We can and will aim to do better, but our goal is first and foremost to deliver the best stories we find, and it is my belief that quality and good journalism appeal to all of us regardless of our specific ethnic origins.”

What do you think Vixens, does Needleman’s response fall flat?

Photo Credit: T Magazine