LHHNY’s Tahiry Tags Joe Budden’s Girlfriend in Instagram Convo

If you follow Tahiry then you’re privy to her outing ex-boyfriend Joe Budden to his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.

In one screenshot of a text conversation, the buxom model exposes his inquiry of her love life, his interest in her Twitter page (despite the fact that she blocked him!) and his dinner invitation. Under the messy pic, she wrote: “@Kaylin_Garcia one of y’all are on a different page!!!! #imjussayin”

Joe Budden later tweeted in response to the shots. “1 is my baby, 1 is my ex… & each act like their title.”

Tahiry stopped by Vixen last month to rattle off tips to coping with a breakup.

Numero uno? “Don’t date anybody famous ’cause then you don’t have to see them on Twitter, Instagram, TV, videos,” she laughed. She went on to explain that she and Joey just can’t be friends. “Even within the breakup, the friendship that he’s wanted, I’ve tried to give and he hasn’t been a good friend.”

Guess we just have to watch Love and Hip Hop New York (on the social web) to see how these exes plan to move forward.Peep the e-proof on the next page.

Photo Credit: Baller Alert