Taylor Swift Sued for $2.5 Mill Over Cancelled Concerts


A ticketing company is telling Taylor Swift to show up, or pay up.

The 23-year-old country star is being sued for $2.5 million by Florida-based company FIRE USA. After Swift canceled her headlining performance at the Capital Hoedown festival in Ottawa, Canada last August, FIRE USA claims that the singer never returned the whopping advance fee. Now the ticketing company is coming under fire from a credit card payment processing firm that has requested refunds to disappointed ticket holders.

The credit company, Evo Merchant Services, is suing FIRE USA for $1.8 million in damages after the ticketing company refused to cover losses. FIRE USA now claims that this is due to Swift never returning the advancement. In the complaint filed in federal court in New York, FIRE USA claims that Swift’s negligence is what “amounted to a breach” with Evo Merchant Services.

Reps for Taylor Swift are reportedly unaware of the suit, and claim to have never made a deal with the ticketing company.