The Art of Eyelash Jewelry


We’ve all had false lashes at least once or twice in our lives. Whether for special occasions, or you needed extra filler, “falsies” have been a popular fixture in beauty regime for quite some time. But what about eyelash accessories? Have you ever finished doing your make up, looked in the mirror and still thought something was missing? If so, eyelash jewelry may be for you.

Eyelash jewelry is custom-made jewelry that is composed of beads, wire, feathers, and charms. It’s wearable art, retailing anywhere between $7 and $60 a pair, that has themes similar to tiny farm animals and mini cupcakes. This new trend is pretty interesting, but I’m not too sure about having strange objects so close to my eyes. What are your thoughts Vixens?

Is this something you’ll try or is this too extreme?

Tags: Beauty, Makeup