The Truth About: Eye Creams


For most of us, the thought of getting a wrinkle is as distant in our minds as scoring VIP Beyoncé tickets at the Barclays Center: it’s almost impossible. But in actuality, developing puffiness, dark circles, and dryness is more common than you think. The skin around our eyes is very fragile and if not properly taken care of it will wreak havoc when we’re older. (Wrinkles included.) To give us the real deal and help decipher the facts, we asked Seven Brown, internationally licensed esthetician, and consultant at the Harlem Skin Clinic to weigh in. So the next time you shake your head at eye creams, hopefully you’ll think twice.

Vibe Vixen: So what’s really the deal with eye creams? Why should we use them?
Seven Brown: Eyes are an engaging part of our personalities and focal point of the face that needs special attention. The skin surrounding the eye is thin and somewhat fragile, which requires special care and the right ingredients for proper maintenance. Eye creams can provide that, but look for things that have hyaluronic acid for hydration, retinoids for the fine lines of crows feet, or arnica that reduces swelling and heals bruising.

VV: How important are the creams?
SB: Eye creams are a necessity because they can address a range of conditions. They can add moisturize, hydrate, renew, soften dark circles, reduce puffiness, mitigate aging, and destroy the evidence of fatigue. Additionally, they make a difference if you are serious about confronting the signs of aging. Finally, cream doesn’t have to be your only choice—look for gels when you’re young or have oily skin. In colder climates or for drier skin, try a balm.

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