The Truth About: Eye Creams


seven brown

Seven Brown

VV: Let’s talk about the signs of aging. At what age should women begin to care for their eyes?
SB: Chronological age has its place but isn’t the only factor. In a perfect world, you should start between the ages of 25 and 30. However, if the signs of environmental aging (sun damage) are visible, don’t be afraid to start sooner.

VV: Ok, so now that we understand its importance, can you suggest eye creams that can be purchased in drugstores?
SB: The cost of a good eye cream starts at $9 in drugstores. At that price you can find great brands like Burt’s Bees. While drug store brands provide some results—the more sophisticated brands deliver better results. In a department/specialty store the sky is the limit—it can go upwards of $300 plus.

VV: Ok, we have the cream. Now what?
SB: Creams should be applied with the pinky finger on the bone just below your eye. Eye products tend to travel so applying to close can get them in your eye instead of under it. Contact wearers especially want to be careful—an application to close may cause your eyes to tear if you aren’t careful. Also, the order of application for topical products goes from lightest to heaviest, which means use eye cream before your moisturizer.

VV: Can women ever over apply product?
SB: Absolutely. If the cream is too rich or over applied incorrectly it can clog the follicles and cause milia (tiny bumps) on top or under the eyelid. You only need a tiny amount (one pump) on tip of your finger for each eye. Once you start to see positive results from an eye cream, how important is it to continue to use it? As with anything maintenance is important for continued results.

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