Tim Dog’s Six Most Hilarious Verses

There are two moments that instantly come to mind following the untimely passing of Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair from a seizure due to complications from diabetes at the age of 46. The Bronx rapper will forever be known as the brazen shit-starter who had the unmitigated gall to take on N.W.A. before Tupac went nuclear on Biggie on the hilarious 1991-year diss track, “Fuck Compton.” And then there’s his surreal appearance on NBC’s Dateline, which detailed the THE DOG in all his unapologetic, kiss-my-ass glory as he faced 2011 grand larceny charges for ripping a woman out of nearly $30,000 in an online dating scam.

But the former memory epitomizes Tim Dog’s forgotten contributions to hip-hop. To be frank, the man’s unabashedly stripping down of Big Daddy Kane’s the-a-the-b-the-c-the-d style and his penchant for saying the outlandish in a loud-and-proud manner (“She wanted me to pee in her face/(so what did you do?) I pissed in her face!”) made Tim Dog comedic gold even if he was dead serious most of the time.

Which is why VIBE decided to cobble together six of Tim Dog’s most memorable (and hilarious) rap lines. Turn these joints all the way up and pour out a little something for the Dog.

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