Titanic Replica Plans: Titanic II To Sail Across The Globe In 2016

The sunken ship that spawned a blockbuster film (and an uberdramatic Celine Dion ballad) is getting a resurrection, thanks to a Titanic replica plan.

Billionaire Clive Palmer pulled back the curtain Tuesday on the design of the Titanic II, a new cruise ship modeled after the original, that will be built in China and is to set sail in 2016, according to USA Today.

The Australian businessman says the ship “will be a financial bonanza” after receiving an overwhelming response from prospective passengers that prompted him to design the ship.

The plan has been met with some criticism as cruise-ship experts believe it offends the memory of those who died on the Titanic, which sank in April 1912 and took the lives of 1,500 passengers.

The second model is designed to be 883 feet long – 3 inches longer than the original Titanic– and weigh 55,800 gross tons, according to Palmer. It will carry a maximum of 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members. The ship will include a gymnasium, Turkish baths, a squash court, a swimming pool, a theater, a casino and the grand staircase as made popular in the flick of the same name.

The first voyage is scheduled to be from Shanghai to Southampton, England, and then on to New York.

Plan your “I’ll never let go, Jack” moment by reading more about the ship’s details here.