Titantic Violin That Played As The Ship Sank To Be Auctioned


“Titanic” may be known for Celine Dion’s heart-tugging classic “My Heart Will Go On” or Kate Winslet’s nude art show, but another familiar piece from the historic ship itself will be auctioned off.

If proven authentic, the violin belonging to Walter Hartley — the heroic band master who played as the Titanic was sinking — will have survived the tragedy that took the lives of more than 1,500 people in April 1912.

The potential artifact is expected to sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds on April 20 when it is auctioned by Titanic experts Henry Aldridge and Son, the Daily Mail reports. The ship’s plan sold for a record £220,000 in 2011.

The anonymous seller of the violin claims that Maria Robinson, Hartley’s bereaved fiancé, had given him the violin and retrieved it after his death.

The music piece has undergone a series of tests over the past seven years to prove its authenticity and the final round of results are due early next month.