V Exclusive! Adrien Broner Says He’ll “Go To Any Weight Class to Fight”


We caught up with Adrien Broner this week. I wanted to talk about his first fight defending his WBC lightweight title against Gavin Rees on Feb. 16 and all things boxing. He didn’t want to talk much at all. His answers were like quick and powerful jabs — short and to the point. There was a laser focus in his answers that made you realize he had better things to do, like keep training so he can stay undefeated and the undisputed most popular fighter in the world right now. Checkout the VIBE interview after the drop.

VIBE: You’re defending your title WBC lightweight title for the first time this Saturday against Gavin Rees. Describe what kind of fighter Rees is and what you’re going to do to defeat him?

Adrien Broner: I don’t know.

You wanted to fight, Ricky Burns, but that’s been a challenge. Why do you think he’s not willing to fight you? 

Because I’m Adrien Broner.

The last time we talked you were fighting Antonio DeMarco and you won in 8 rounds. Now you’re 25-0. What keeps you motivated? Do you get bored? 

My kids keep me motivated to fight and get better.  

You came out with Kendrick Lamar rapping his hit, “Backstreet Freestyle”, at your last fight, which turned out to be one of the most entertaining gifs of last year. What do you have planned this Saturday?

Who knows? I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it’ll be something good.  

Your relationship with Floyd Mayweather has gotten attention recently with video of you two hanging out at his house. What’s the most impactful advice you’ve ever received from him? 

The best advice he’s given me was to stay sharp and stay in shape and that I’ll be okay. 

Are relationships like the one you have with Floyd’s normal? Are boxers friends with other fighters? Do you seek advice from them? 

Yeah, fighters are friends with each other. At the end of the day it’s just business. Me and DeMarco fought but we’re cool with each other. You get in the ring, fight, handle business and once it’s over everything is cool.  

Mayweather talked about getting on you on his undercard for his May 4th fight. Is that still a possibility? 

Anything is possible.

Who might you fight? Possibly, Nonito Donaire? 

Who? That little guy? C’mon man.

I took to Twitter to ask fans to see whom they wanted you to fight next. They said Vasquez, Ricky Burns and Yuriorkis Gamboa. All of those fighters are in different weight classes than you. What’s the highest or lowest you’ll drop in weight class to fight someone?

It don’t matter. I’ll go to any weight class to fight.

As I stated earlier, you’re 25-0. When did you have that aha moment and realize that you’ve made it?

I haven’t made it yet. I’ve still got long way to go. I’m nowhere close to where I need to be yet.

You’re clearly the most entertaining fighter in and out of the ring right now. What is it going to take for HBO to give you a 24/7?

Man, who knows? A Pay-Per-View fight.

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