V Playlist: Emeli Sande x Kendrick Lamar, Skyzoo, Wink Loc x Pusha T x Ra Diggs And More

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Emeli Sande (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – “Next To Me”
Kendrick’s addition to Sande’s breakout hit definitely fits well—which is probably due to his chameleon-esque way of bodying any track he gets on (see ZZ Ward’s country crossover banger “Crying Wolf” for proof). We’re hitting the approval button on this one.

2. Skyzoo – “Ticker Tape Parade”
Keeping with the jazz overtones, Sky impresses us yet again with “something different,” as he calls it. His fondness for the classics makes us excited for his future in hip-hop.

3. Wink Loc (feat. Pusha T & Ra Diggs) – “Give Em Hell”
The production is slick, the bars are on point, and the mood you get from this is pure fire. Here’s something to blast out your whip for sure.

4. Chase N Cashe – “Anita Dollars”
Chase throws together equal amounts of flashy flow and swagged-out braggadocio on this Heir Waves mixtape track. Although the beat sounds like something you may have heard already, that doesn’t really hold it back from being a solid cut.

5. Gillie Da Kid – “I’m Gucci”
Your resident ratchet track of the week. You know you want to press play. Go ahead, no judgement here…*presses play*