V Playlist: Jim Jones x Swizz Beatz, Paris 96, BJ The Chicago Kid, And More

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Jim Jones (feat. Swizz Beatz) – “Green Light”
This spin on Dre’s “The Next Episode” is actually pretty dope. Swizz, Capo, & producer Scoop DeVille found a good way to sample it without it sounding like a direct rip of the original. We bang with this.

2. Paris 96 (Theophilus London x Jesse Boykins III) – “Afternoon”
Jesse’s vocals on the chorus sound a bit muffled, but maybe that was the effect they were going for. Nonetheless, this is a swanky tune for a chill day. NYC, take a break from the current snowstorm outside & chill to this slow-moving banger.

3. BJ The Chicago Kid – “Honey”
BJ meshes classic Aaliyah & Bee Gees melodies, throws in a dope beat produced by BINKS!, and churns out a song that’s completely his own. Major respect, sir—especially on the vocals.

4. ForteBowie – “Gucci Mane”
In all honesty, it was hard standing still during this song. That catchy “I got hoes all on my d*ck” chorus brought out the inner ratchet. By the way, this isn’t about that Gucci Mane. It’s more like saying, “I’m gucci, man.”

5. Austin Millz – “Strapped”
You can’t spell “Strapped” without “trap,” and this song has that written all over it. Bang this at loud volumes for full effect.