VIBE Exclusive: David Starfire’s Led Zeppelin Remix + Meet the DJ


L.A.-based music producer/DJ David Starfire is known best for his seamless fusion of signature bass styles with a diversity of music genres, including world and hip-hop. Now he sits down with VIBE for an exclusive one-on-one on his newly dropped album, Ascend, as well as his inspiration and motivation for taking up World music from the Indian influence. Also be sure to check out his Led Zeppelin mix for VIBE below:

VIBE: Describe your music in three words:
David Starfire: World/Glitch/Dub

What made you want to add an Arabic/Indian influence to the electronic music genre?
I fell in love with world and electronic music, so I fused the two together. I feel that world music has so much depth and wanted to bring that element to the dance floor.

Why Indian music in particular?
I was really bored with rock and Western music. At the same time I was becoming more spiritual by getting into meditation, yoga, etc., and music from India is widely used in those traditions.

You’ve also been known to mix hip-hop into your music. Which artists in that genre have inspired you throughout your career?
Dre, Dead Prez, Missy Elliott

Who would make up your dream collaboration – both DJs and rap/hip-hop artists?
Balkan Beat Box with Missy Elliott

What was your initial mission in producing your new album, Ascend?
My goal was to bring live music from around the world, and merging that with bass dance music while collaborating with some of my idols and talented friends.

What are you hoping it will inspire in your audience?
I hope to inspire people by sharing music from around the world to those that normally might not hear it and introducing them to different cultures.

After the album’s release, what are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’m planning on touring and performing at festivals as a DJ and with my live band like at the Velements festival in San Diego. I’ll also release some remixes, single tracks and also an EP from my side project with FreQ Nasty called The Dub Kirtan All Stars. Later in the year I’ll start to work on my new album too.